A poem by June Winspear

While I was in lockdown
I gave the house a clean
After going over with a duster
Not a cobweb could be seen.

I’ve pulled out all the wardrobes
Washed down the skirting boards
Well, I needed to do something
I was getting very bored.

Then I wiped down all the paintwork
With detergent and some bleach
it’s looking really odd now
‘Cos there were parts I couldn’t reach.

I’ve even cleaned the windows
A job that I abhor
And left more streaks behind
Then there had been before.

I’ve cooked and froze a heap of meals
Oh! Those onion tears
I’m sure the food in frozen stock
Will last me years and years

I’ve organised the garden shed
The lawn boasts no weed or pest
Won’t I be glad to go back to work
If only for a rest…

June Winspear

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