Books for the Wood Street Mission

The David Pennington Charity, have finally been able to get hundreds of new and as good as new books to the Wood Street Mission in Manchester.

The veritable ‘library’ of books (pictured) that were collected and donated by the brilliant Irlam and Cadishead Community to the David Pennington Charity as part of the Wood Street Mission’s Easter Children’s book collection that should have been collected by the Mission at the end of March in time for distribution at Easter.

But we all know what happened with the Coronavirus and lock-down and the books had to remain with Angela Pennington until it was safe for the Mission to collect them. This happened last week as lock-down restrictions were partially lifted.

Angela said, “Wood Street Mission are working hard to engage children aged up to 16 to ’Read a book’ and pass it on. New books were preferred however the books didn’t have to be new but must have been in good condition with no names written inside. Thank you to everyone that continually supports the David Pennington events ensuring continued support for our lovely community. All the very best and long may it continue!”

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