Community Spirit on the Street

Residents of Boundary Road in Irlam have been going above and beyond when it comes to being neighbourly.

As well as supporting the regular Thursday night clapping and celebration for our NHS, care workers and key workers of all kinds, they have been keeping an eye on their neighbours and have been holding regular community activities to keep spirits up.

These have included bingo sessions, keep fit routines, discos and treasure hunts, all done in the safety of their own front gardens or on the pavement outside their homes, with the emphasis on social distancing, keeping safe but also having a bit of social interaction at the same time.

Chief bingo caller, DJ and resident Michelle told the Local Mag website, “Keeping spirits up and looking after your neighbours during these difficult times is something we should all be doing. The sessions are going down really well and something to look forward to whilst observing the social distancing advice.”

78-year old resident Peter said, “It’s very good at the morning dance. It is so nice to know that people will be out and they always ask if I am okay and see if I need anything. It gives me something to look forward to. I don’t play the bingo that Michelle also does on the street but I do come and sit out with them all.”

Christine and Danielle added, “The tea, toast and morning dance, is great and a fantastic way to start the day with a smile. We all love the bingo. Michelle does make it quite funny. The kids get involved as well. Quiz nights we also enjoy as a family it’s bringing neighbours together in a safe way.”

Whilst Nora and Dec said, “We look forward to the morning dance. We have a dance and a laugh and the bingo once a week is great, everybody gets involved. We are not fantastic at quiz night but join in and enjoy it. We’re getting to speak to our neighbours that we don’t normally see or speak to, it’s a good way of coming together.”

Michelle added, “I started the morning dance on the street to try to give everybody something to look forward to, a bit of fun. It puts a smile on everybody’s face, and is a good way to start the day while we are on lockdown. It’s also a way of me checking if people are okay in the street. I’ve lived on Boundary Road for many years and due to people having busy lives we don’t stop and chat or do things as neighbours. Through these dark times, I have had more conversations and laughs with my neighbours than ever before, at a social distance of course. Starting the morning dance has lead to much more. We now do evening bingo once a week and a quiz night once a week. We really are pulling together and helping each other through this. I’ve started a Whatsapp group that we can message on, another way of us all seeing that everybody is okay and I let them all know when all our activities will be on. I have made friends for life and after lockdown will still continue to do the things we have started.”

Down at my ‘neck of the woods’ on Boat Lane, last week’s weekly clap on St. Georges Day was well supported with a few St Georges flags flying, residents walking about banging pots and pans, car horns beeping and even some fireworks going off overhead. The week before was surreal with the ‘big man’ himself (yes, I am talking about Father Christmas) making an appearance, ringing his bell and showing his support for the NHS. A wonderful sight and well received by local residents. Keep up the good work everyone, showing our support for the NHS is a fantastic way of boosting the morale of everybody.

Let’s make a lot of noise this Thursday night at 8pm. Whatever the weather, get out on your front and show your support for ALL key workers during these troubled times.

What have you been doing on your street? Drop us a line and let us know.

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