Crime Down as People Stick to the Rules

One small bonus to come from the COVID-19 lock-down is that crime locally has been virtually nil! Even the crooks are apparently staying home and social-isolating.

Local Police Community Support Officer Mark Hutton said, “We have obviously seen a massive decrease in crime, but have seen an increase in the amounts of domestics reported.  So far, we have experienced a few calls about people breaching lock-down, including two businesses still trading that should be shut.

We have also received calls about a few groups of youths being together. We can and will separate any groups of three or more if they are not of the same household and doing their daily exercise.

It is excellent to see the vast majority of people sticking to published guidance. We have been on regular patrol and only spoken to 2 or 3 people a day that have been passing with pets or out for their walks.

We collected some pictures from Irlam Endowed yesterday that the several children still in school had coloured for us. That was a really nice gesture that certainly cheered us up!

Obviously, all of our meetings are cancelled. But we will be doing another Facebook chat on 15th April between 6pm-7pm – the last one was quite good with a few questions being posted for us. Please remember stay at home and if you have to go out for exercise or other permitted reasons, remember to keep two metres apart. Stay at home and stay safe.”

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