District Scrubs Up Well To Support NHS

Local people have been using their creative talents to help make sets of ‘scrubs’ for our fantastic NHS staff as the country and indeed the whole world battles with the COVID-19 crisis.

As doctors and nurses are taking up the call to get back into the health service to help deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, and with patient admissions continuing to rise, hospitals across the region are seeing shortages of scrubs, essential clothing worn by our NHS staff.

Hundreds of locked-down residents around the country are taking to their sewing machines to create the much-needed garments for health workers, with that call being answered by some great people around our district that want to do their bit to thank our brilliant health and care workers.

Local Artist Rachelle Cleary from the Hamilton Davies Trust (HDT) has been putting her skills to work along with many local volunteers and professional machinists from the Irlam and Cadishead district to cut and sew materials from patterns to make the much-needed equipment.

Rachelle said: “Our district has really answered the call and ‘scrubbed’ up nicely! Locally the idea was first put forward by Bethany Scott who has set up a local sub-group of the Manchester and East Lancs ‘Scrubees’. The response has been fantastic, with local sewing enthusiasts and cutters putting their skills and lock-down time to good use. Already 250 scrubs have been delivered to Salford Royal Hospital.”

Rachelle first noticed a request for machinists on a local Facebook page from Bethany about the Salford ‘Scrubees’ and immediately offered her sewing skills. After seeing the large scale of what was needed and consulting with Bethany, Rachelle then reached out locally to friends and businesses for help. HDT agreed for the I C ART studio to be used for making scrubs and the Rotary Club of Irlam kindly donated £300 for purchasing materials and agreed a further £500 to support the work. Rotary President David Fairclough added, “The Rotary Club of Irlam are delighted to get involved with such a fantastic community effort.”

Bethany Scott said, “When I heard that Salford Royal were low on scrubs, I knew that action needed to be taken. I saw online that the national group needed a Salford co-ordinator and decided to step up. The original plan was to just co-ordinate a few people and make about 50 pairs. Now we are barrelling towards 1,000 pairs with over 70 sewing volunteers. Most of the people sewing have a personal connection to Salford Royal, through family working there or being a patient. It’s what we owe them.”

Rachel, from local business Rachel Robinson Interiors in Cadishead, stepped up massively by donating yards and yards of fabric and also volunteered to help with the sewing. Local printing company Grafenia, printed out 60 scrub patterns, that were distributed to sewing volunteers.

Rachelle went on to say: “We have been humbled by people’s generosity and tremendous effort, not just by giving up their time and materials but also for everyone’s overwhelming desire to help and feel that they are contributing to such a wonderful cause.”

Debbie Kemp from the local Health Improvement Team, who have been busy helping out where they can around the community said; “They are all wonderful people who are doing a fantastic job of supporting our health and care workers. Well done everyone, the work that you are doing and the support you are showing shows how we are pulling together as a community.”

Local volunteers so far have included: Rachel and Kathy from Rachel Robinson Interiors, Christine Richardson, Anne Eden, Joan Romans, Angela Murphy, Frances Henry, Ann Cavanagh, Yvonne, Fran Thompson, Frank Cleary, Zara Fox and Yvonne Brown.

HDT will continue to support the local Scrubs effort, as long as there is a need for help. They have put out a request for donations of fabrics and skills, click here to see how you can help.

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