Doggie Diaries with Luna the Labradoodle

Managed to finally get out and get my ‘lock down’ coat cut and trimmed – by appointment only of course!

What with the warm weather and not having been to the groomers for someone time my coat was getting to look more and more like ‘daddies’ beard! Not trendy for a super cool mutt like me!
Although daddy said afterwards that I looked like a ‘skinhead’ and offered to get me something called ‘Doc Martins’ and braces. Have not a ‘Scoobie doo’ what he is going on about…

Mum, was a bit worrying though, she was saying she had been given the wrong dog, come on, there can only be me that will wake you up at 6am every morning with a lick of the face, what more could you want from your Luna!

Anyway, I know that you ‘oldies’ like to talk about the weather, how can it be that the Spring is fantastic and then the third day of actual Summer it starts raining, surely you guys and galls haver got something wrong?
Must say it has been very quiet on my trips to the Park with the Boss. Not seen that many of my four-legged friends running around. That might change now that us dogs can meet up in packs of up to six, that is right is it not?

Anyway, hope you all stay safe and stay vigilant, look after all your family pets, not just us dogs… Yes, even those ‘pesky’ cats!

Night, night Luna xxx

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