Doggie Diaries with Luna the Labradoodle

Not sure if its due to all this summer rain drumming them into the ground, but the ‘oldies’ seem to keep forgetting my name! Not good for a house-proud dog like me!

When I first choose them as my new guardians at the doggie nursery run by the lovely Diane, they gave my name as ‘Lunar’, daddy said something to do with me being all black like the night sky with the stars and moon etc…

Unfortunately, Diane managed to write my new name down as ‘Luna’, which has now stuck, but it does cause a few problems, with people mixing me up with some less famous person off the telly!

Mummy makes matters worse by calling me all kinds of things including trip-hazard, Fagin and tea-leaf, I can’t help it, if she keeps leaving lovely stuff like brushes and hair bands and the television remote lying around for me to ‘snaffle’!

There is absolutely no truth what so ever, despite what the ‘oldies’ say that Luna is short for Lunatic! Nope, not even a little bit although the postie-person might think otherwise….

Talking of names, us Labradoodles, although probably the ‘cutest’ and most adorable dogs on this planet are not actually looked on as a pedigree breed by the ‘posh’ people. Well I for one don’t give a woof! Imagine if your name was ‘Fitzroy Silverback Wolfblood Haggis Harris the 5th’ (that is a made-up name, honest!). Just imagine waiting to be shouted in for your ‘dinner’ and how big would that name-tag on my collar have to be, MASSIVE!

Nope, I am quite happy being a normal dog with a little name, but a massive heart, come around near my home anytime soon and I will certainly see you off, if I am on guard duty!

Anyway, all this name calling is making me dog-tired, I am off for a nap, not a cat-nap but a dog nap!! Night night Luna x

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  1. Wonderful I love reading Luna’s antic’s. Always brings a smile to my face.

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