Doggie Diaries with Luna the Labradoodle

Call it my ‘doggie’ sixth sense, but I can tell that things are not right at the moment with all my two-legged friends including my ‘oldies’.

I know that I cannot eat or see this Coronavirus ‘thingy’ (and believe me, I can eat just about anything!) but I can tell that the folks are worried about it… Especially Daddy wondering when he can get out again, if ever and earn money to keep me in doggie food and treats.

Heard him ‘woofing’ from a distance, to his mate Graham the other day, on about getting out and getting ‘hammered’ after all this had ended. Funny, never knew daddy was into DIY, he normally leaves that to somebody called ‘what a difference a Dave makes’, funny name but nice man!

My walks have been cut to just once or twice a day and just usually around the ‘block’, no park runs or off to the beach for me at the moment, just have to ‘wind’ mummy up by digging up the back garden instead!

Daddy keeps calling my ‘Rasta’ Dog and keeps telling me to show him my ‘Dreds’ not sure what he is on about, but not being able to go to the groomer woman is certainly a bonus for me, just wish mummy would put that bloody doggie brush away!

Strange times indeed, but I do hope your all looking after your ‘mans best friend’, we always love and protect you as long as the food and water bowls are full and we get to go on the occasional walk.

We should have been off on holiday but it has all been cancelled till next year. Daddy said we were going abroad on holiday to Scotland for some bloke called uncle Neil and his 70th Birthday, but that I would not need a passport, not yet anyway!

Even my mates the ‘Postie’ and the man called ‘Dave’ have not been around recently, don’t half miss the ‘treats’ that they would normally bring… But managed to have a good play with my new best mate Jamie, when he was out on his permitted cycle ride and said hello recently, nice man, but seems to get taller every time I see him, might just have to start ‘nibbling’ his ankles to bring him down and inch or two!

Anyway, hope you all keep well and stay safe. Nighty, night and woof, woof Luna X

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  1. Great writing here Luna. Keep up the good work .

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