‘Donald Trump’ Feels the Long Arm of the Law!

Whilst ‘Captain Tom’ is to get a knighthood for his fantastic fundraising achievements another charity fundraiser had his ‘epic adventure’ caught short by the ‘long arm of the law’.

Charity Champion Martin Green has been ‘wheeling’ his way to Liverpool and pulling out all the stops to raise as much money as possible to help an Irlam mum to get the treatment she needs.

Martin, from Conway Road, Urmston was instrumental in forming the fundraising ‘Riff Raff’ Society locally, around nine year ago and so far, they have manged to raise around £160,000 for various ‘good causes.’

Irlam mum Babs Mason age 34 from Silverdale Avenue, has a very rare illness, Iron on the Brain or PLA 236. She cannot walk, feed or dress herself and struggles to communicate. She relies on her parents Barbara a school cook and Pete a delivery driver, to look after her and her four-year-old son Lawrence, who all live in the family home in Irlam.

Barbara said, “Martin and the Riff Raff group have been amazing. Supporting the fundraising we need to get Barbara to Austria or Russia for specialist stem cell treatment, that is not available in this Country. The treatment could offer Babs a ‘better’ quality of life and like any family we are desperate to give her this chance.”

46-year-old Martin who works for the Avanti West Coast rail company is an inspiration to all when it comes to his fundraising antics with ‘Riff Raff’. In the past he has ‘wing walked’ in just a mankini and even walked all the way to Sheffield with a wheelbarrow!

He had planned to crawl on his hands and knees, backwards, from Liverpool back to Urmston, but a serious injury meant he has had to change his plans and has now settled on wheel chairing from Urmston to Liverpool roughly the distance of a marathon, dressed as Donald Trump!
He said, “Enough is enough, the lockdown has affected Bab’s miracle plan in the worst way. Not that the NHS has ever given her any hope, now they are just advising to make her comfortable. Advising her to go into a hospice. The family are resisting and are still fishing for a miracle. They want a doctor to take a gamble on their baby.

As a charity we want to support this more than anything We are a coiled spring in terms of having more funds available through the magnificent efforts of our Parachuting Nags Head gang and a we are ready to host Unlock-down festival.”

Bab’s mum Barbara Mason said, “We had a visit from the palliative care nurse from St. Ann’s Hospice, they aren’t giving Babs any new treatment now just making her comfortable. We have a few friends emailing doctors around the world to try and find someone that can help her have also got in touch with doctors that are researching her illness and that have wrote books about it have also emailed the doctor that helped the girl from the film ‘brain on fire’ so fingers crossed we might find that one person that can help thanks so much for the £12,500 so far let’s hope we can make good use of it to help Babs get better.”

Martin Green is gutted on many levels and on behalf of the Society he just can’t let Bab’s and their support from Riff Raff for her to fizzle out. Martin has recently dislocated his knee making his crawling mission completely undoable and missing out on the opportunity to for fill this mission has caused him much anxiety.

So, last Saturday he set off and will be wheel chairing dressed as Donald Trump from Liverpool to Urmston passing through Bab’s hometown of Irlam, where he received a warm welcome and also met Babs and her family.

Unfortunately, Martin was around half way through his ‘wheelie’ good stunt near Warrington, when the boys in blue intervened and would not allow him to continue on safety grounds. He updated o the Riff Raff Facebook page, “Been apprehended by the Old Bill – Early bath – Got as far as Warrington. They were very cool Police Officers. Took a donation for Babs off them!” Martin and the wheelchair were given a lift home by the officers.

Martin added, “Should our miracle not come true this family deserve any money raised to spend on them. Bab’s parents Pete and Barbara senior are ‘golden’ and they have done everything they can for their princess daughter.

On behalf of everyone that has donated to them. Please understand – We love you. Riff Raff and the family have raised over £22,500 so far and they are more than willing to take a gamble and spend the lot on a Stem Cell brain procedure for Babs. Let us give them that opportunity.”

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