Funding Enables Students to Study at Home

The Hamilton Davies Trust (HDT) and the Chris Stocks Fund have contributed funds to enable Irlam and Cadishead Academy and their students in ‘lock-down’ with funding to purchase equipment to enable them to study effectively at home.

The Rotary Club of Irlam have also come onboard with a £2,000 grant for the equipment, matching the £2,000 from HDT and a further £1,000 from the Chris Stocks Fund.

Mandy Coleman from HDT said, “It’s really uplifting to see so many of the community supporting each other during this difficult time – thanks for everything everyone is doing!”

David Fairclough, President of the Rotary Club of Irlam, said, “Supporting our local young people with their studies during these difficult times is something that Rotary are proud to be able to be a part of.”

Headteacher Toni Holdsworth from the Academy added, “The Academy had a few laptops which were fairly old and those were loaned to some students at the start of the lockdown measures.  We have been advised by United Learning that the Chromebooks are the safest and most usable devices for home learning which is why we are hoping to purchase the units.  Students who do not have access to the internet will be identified and supported.

Providing ‘workbooks’ and paper packs is not adequate, not sustainable and doesn’t provide the interactive learning and daily contact with staff which is possible with the online learning via ‘Microsoft Teams’. We would like to thank HDT, the Rotary Club of Irlam and the Chris Stocks Fund for their generous funding that will enable students to continue their studies from home.”

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