Fundraising to Support Irlam FC

Silver Street based Irlam Football Club have launched a fundraising appeal to support the club and their ground during these difficult times for everyone.

A spokesperson for the club said, “During these difficult times for family and friends, the hope for a quick return to normality is on everyone’s mind as businesses, and in our case football clubs, look to get back to normal, kicking a ball around and re engaging with our local community as we have always done. Like many businesses in the service industry, sports clubs who occupy their own premises are faced with the huge week to week losses that have affected their ability to financially plan ahead.
The cost of running a ground like Irlam FC’s Silver Street base is very much like trying to run a very large house without any money, basically impossible.

For our part, the loss of revenue over this four month period, April to August, an early finish to our season, and a cancellation of all social functions and significant fundraising events in our clubhouse presents us with a four month gap when we could be creating funds to help us plan ahead. With our ability to create our own revenue effectively ended, and grant aid from various organisations certainly not guaranteed, we reacted to supporters and friends of the club who got in touch with us to ask how they could help.

After much debate as to the appropriate way to allow people and businesses to show their support, the decision was made to initiate a JustGiving site, inspired by the amazing success of Captain Tom Moore, who raised millions for our NHS with his special rallying call.

Since we began our fundraising efforts on Sunday 3rd May, we have already reached nearly 30% of our £15,000 target. We have been overwhelmed by the support shown from far and wide, but very significantly from our local community as we look to plug the massive hole in our finances.

If we were to not choose to give people the opportunity to support us through our JustGiving page the future of the club would be very much in doubt, purely on a financial footing. The £15,000 represents a 12 months period of fixed costs going forward that the club bears every year, as well as essential safety work at the ground which requires finance to complete ahead of the new campaign.

Irlam FC is one of the key sporting hubs in our community, giving great enjoyment to those who access it. The facilities are first class and the work carried out by a dedicated small band of volunteers week in, week out is simply amazing. This club must survive, and our community is in agreement.

If you as an individual, or if you are reading this as a local business that wants to help our funding efforts, it could not be any easier. Simply click on the link provided below and press the donate button. If you are unable to, or have other priorities, they must come first. Everyone at Irlam FC would like to thank our community for their continued support and our wish that we all stay safe during this pandemic.”

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