Jazz and Friends Raise Over £1000 in 2.6 Challenge

Jasper “Jazz” Holden, from Irlam, has raised over £1000 for The Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital Charity, only a few days into his 2.6 week long-challenge to run the distance of a marathon.

After seeing the London marathon had been cancelled, the Holden family wanted to do something to help fill the void of money that would normally be raised by runners of the marathon. Mum Kimberly and Dad Dave had seen the ‘2.6 Challenge’ on social media and, along with “Jazz”, decided they would run a marathon over 2.6 weeks.

They decided to raise money for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, with Jasper saying, “When mum and dad asked me what charity I wanted to run for I said the children’s hospital because I was in there a few years ago with a bad allergic reaction and they really looked after me well.”

After hearing about his challenge, several of Jasper’s friends have decided to join in, and there’s now a team of 7, all under 10-years old, all getting involved!

Jasper has been documenting his fundraising journey through his YouTube channel, Running With Jazz, and you can see a video from day 9 of his challenge below.

Mum Kimberly said, “After seeing the plight of so many charities losing out after the London marathon was cancelled I really felt compelled to do something.”

Dad Dave added, “I knew Jasper had wanted to start a YouTube channel and so we thought we’d combine doing some fundraising with running and promoting it over YouTube.”

At the time of writing Jazz and his friends had raised £1,175, smashing his original target of £100 several times over! If you’d like to donate to his JustGiving page, click here.

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