Leisure Centre Vaccination Centre Closes for the Time Being

The vaccination centres at Irlam Leisure Centre (pictured) and the one at Eccles Leisure Centre have now closed for the time being after opening for just over a fortnight.

Dr Van Selvaraasan, clinical lead for the Salford NHS Vaccination Service, said, “We’re really proud that, thanks to everyone’s hard work, the Salford NHS Vaccination Service has invited all local residents who sit within the priority cohort groups 1-4 to come for their vaccine. We have made excellent progress in vaccinating tens of thousands of people from our three community sites.

“However, as a result of our efficient work, we now find ourselves in the position where we have vaccinated over 80% of our eligible population, but due to national restrictions, we can’t invite those in cohort 5 until instructed to do so. In order to use our time to maximum advantage, we in Salford have agreed that we will spend the time accelerating our housebound vaccination programme and contacting again anyone who has already been invited, but hasn’t yet come forward. This will help to ensure no-one is inadvertently left behind.

“To be able to use our vaccination teams as effectively as possible, we are temporarily standing down the Eccles and Irlam sites until further notice and managing all vaccination centre bookings through the Clarendon site only.

“This will temporarily release the capacity of a large group of staff and volunteers, who can then support the housebound teams to make their home visits. As soon as we can welcome further cohorts, these centres will be stepped back up to full capacity.

“The Salford NHS Vaccination service has purposefully been set up to be responsive and adaptable and be able to flex itself quickly according to demand for appointments and the supply of vaccine and has planned for occasions such as this.”

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