‘MUGA’ Set to Improve Physical Education in Irlam

Irlam Endowed Primary School are always trying to improve the spaces in school to benefit their pupil’s physical education and their active play, the latest project has finally concluded with a large Astroturf Muga or Multi use games area.

This project has taken approximately 4-5 years to achieve and has involved numerous bid writing and fundraising projects (some successful and some not!). The MUGA will be 540m2 and is a large enough area for whole PE lessons and after school sessions to be taught regardless of the weather. It will also serve as a cheaper option for young community groups to use the Muga and is part of the local governments commitments to open up council facilities for community groups.

Monies has been raised thanks to many charities including; The National Lottery, Salford CVS, The Sugar Tax Levy, Salford Communities Standing Together Grants, Irlam Rotary Club, the Hamilton Davies Trust and school funds.

The space will mean that the school no longer needs to share its PE classroom with dinner time, playtimes and assemblies. This will enable all children to have more active play, PE and daily mile regardless of the weather conditions.

The school researched many providers and spent a long time visiting previous builds until they settled with Envirolawn. Mr Scrutton has been travelling into the school daily to iron-out issues and ensure that the build sticks to all of the regulations imposed at planning permission stage.

He said, “This has been a long-term project and the children, especially the sports councillors, have helped the school drive the project and been part of the research and fundraising at all time. I am just hoping the current year 6 will be able to see this before July. It was due to be built in September but due to planning permission, waterlogged field and most recently Covid-19 it has been delayed. But it will be finished for whenever the children are safe to come back to school and I cannot wait to start using it. It will also be a big enough space to host some of the joint Irlam and Cadishead cluster of school’s festivals and tournaments. Some of the local grassroots sport’s clubs were also involved initially with establishing a need for a facility like this in the area and as such will be able to use this for some of their events and training. This will hopefully build even stronger links with the school and local clubs in the area.

This project would not have been possible without the support of all the fantastic charities involved. As always, the Hamilton Davies Trust have been a great support, by suggesting charities to apply to and other assistance. The Rotary Club of Irlam have always supported the work we do in school and have also helped massively in supporting the final push on fundraising, especially at the planning stage.”

Chris and Dan have been the main builders so far and are doing a sterling job. They think the project will be fully built in 3 weeks and ready some time in May. Let’s hope that the children will be back soon to get a full summer’s benefit of it!

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