Name The New Wood Sculptures In Prince’s Park

The response from local people to support a fundraising initiative to enhance Prince’s Park has been tree-mendous! With donations from local individuals and groups funding the first and second planned ‘chainsaw’ created artworks.

Now you have the chance to name both the owl and squirrel sculptures or send in a drawing or painting of your favourite British wildlife, it could be a hedgehog, eagle, squirrel, owl, badger or any other British wildlife animal or bird. Part of the prizes for both the naming and art competitions will be to have you picture taken with the sculpture you have named or with your winning artwork, that will be printed and framed by the ‘Local Mag’ for you to keep. With the winners featured in the January/February Edition of your favourite local read!

The first phase was recently completed with a four-foot high owl sculpture sat on top of a five-foot high tree stump on part of Prince’s Park adjacent to Highbury Avenue in Irlam. Created by talented chainsaw artist Karl Macauley from Urmston. Making the most of three cherry tree stumps, Karl said, “The work is really impressive and is the biggest owl I have ever created.” That has now been joined by the second sculpture an equally impressive and great looking tree squirrel.

Irlam woman Lou Booth from Highbury Avenue, Irlam, runs her own natural and re-cyclable products company ‘Utopia’ and has a long-time passion for the environment, recycling and nature in general she told the Local Mag, “The sculptures are simply stunning. We still need more ‘funding support’ to complete the trio of tree sculptures with the final one to be an animal decorated bench. But as a thank you would like to invite the public to name the owl and squirrel sculptures and show us their artistic talents, with some nice prizes for the winners.”

Please support this fascinating project if you can. You can make a donation at Or call Bill at the Local Mag on 07767 303 577 or email him at and we will pass on your details.
If you would like to name either the Owl or Squirrel tree sculptures at Prince’s Park, or send in your artwork for the drawing competition and win some prizes along the way then please email Bill at the Local Mag at Closing date for entries will be Friday 27th November. Get your ‘thinking caps’ on!

We are please asking that you make a £1 donation for each entry into the competitions. All the donations will go towards the funds for the third tree sculpture at Prince’s Park an animal decorated bench, that will be sculptured from a felled cherry tree on its side.

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