Plants Stolen from Street Planters

Some people have not only been ignoring lock-down but have been stealing plants from the lovely planters purchased, placed and looked after by the Rotary Club of Irlam.

The planters are part of the Irlam Rotary Club’s ‘In-Bloom’ Project and take an awful lot of work and funding to make the District look nice. With the work and maintenance carried out by Rotary members and volunteers.

One Rotarian said, “I watered the 7 tier planters this morning more plants have been stolen from the planter at Ferry Hill Road all the geraniums have gone and at least a dozen other plants, the two planters at Higher Irlam which have already had plants removed have had all the geraniums stolen very disappointing.”

Another Rotarian reported, “Just to let you know that almost half the flowers in the two seven tier planters at the far end of Irlam have been ‘pinched’.   They have been taken from the back-pavement section on all tier levels. Some must have taken them away as they have not been pulled out and thrown. Someone will have a lovely patio display…”
If you know who has taken these plants please let the ‘Local Mag’ know. Can you imagine how ‘gutting’ it must be for the Rotarians to try and cheer people up during these difficult times with a bit of floral colour only for this to happen….

Let’s have a little bit of respect and support for our own community people.

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  1. Barbara Edmund's | June 25, 2020 at 5:34 pm | Reply

    Disgusting they need to go out and buy plants not steal them whats the world coming too
    All my plants I’ve bought

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