Rainbow Smiles From Sisters

Bringing a big bright, ray of sunshine to the community are Freya Bailey and her sister Lindi.

The happy, smiling duo have been busy during the lock-down while self-isolating, creating some fantastic rainbow artwork which is now on display in their front window.

The rainbows are part of an art project for everyone to join in and show their support for the NHS Staff and to keep young minds busy during these troubled times.

These pictures are meant to offer a message of hope to the public during the COVID-19 crisis. They have been primarily drawn by children urging people to keep positive, with rainbows showing that the sun follows heavy rainfall.

Why not create your own rainbow picture to display in your window, so that children and their families can also go rainbow spotting whilst out on their daily allowed walk, run or cycle.

Who cannot help but smile and be cheered when you see this picture of the smiling sisters, certainly made me smile!

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