Recycling Centre Set to Re-open

At the recent Greater Manchester Covid-19 Emergency Committee meeting it was agreed with the nine local councils to re-open some of the recycling centres within the next fortnight, based on available staff resources and subject to agreement of traffic management plans with district councils. Re-opening will need to be done in a careful and planned way, with involvement from Greater Manchester Police.

That means that our local recycling centre at Boysnope Wharf near to Crossfield, will re-open on Saturday 2nd May, subject to the conditions above. 

Other sites in Salford will be operating as detailed;
Cobden Street – Open Saturdays and Sundays
Salford Road (in Bolton boundary) – Open Saturdays and Sunday
Lumns Lane – 7 days a week
Boysnope Wharf – 7 days a week

Officers are currently preparing traffic management plans for all sites, as social distancing within the sites will have to be maintained. Details for each site traffic plans and actual opening hours will be published nearer to the opening date.

Hopefully this will help to alleviate concerns of fly-tipping and the number of rubbish fires reported, that has been on the increase of late. Please dispose of your household waste responsibly. You could always hire a skip from our well established and very professional local company, Manchester Skips.

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