Salford Deputy Mayor Post for Local Councillor

Irlam Councillor Tracey Kelly (pictured) has been given the post of Deputy Mayor at Salford Council and will take over the role from this Friday 15th May. This is the highest position that one of our local councillors has held, since Cllr Roger Jones was Deputy Leader for five years in the 1980’s under the leadership of Cllr Bill Hinds.

Salford Council Mayor Paul Dennett has said, “As you’ll all be aware, we won’t be holding local elections in the City of Salford until May 2021 as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, whilst we focus all of efforts on fighting the virus within the City and preparing to live and recover from COVID-19 and its impacts within our City and City-Region.

However, I just wanted to update colleagues on some changes I need to make to the Mayoral Team to hopefully see us through the next 12 months in the run up to May 2021. Councillor Tray Kelly is taking on the role of Statutory Deputy City Mayor and continuing to lead in the Cabinet on Housing.”

In other changes Councillor Paula Boshell is taking on the role of Lead Member for Anti-Poverty, Neighbourhoods, Financial Inclusion and Equalities. Councillor Jim Cammell is taking on the role of Executive Support for Social Care and Mental Health, continuing to also be the City Council’s Walking and Cycling Champion.

Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett added, “I would like to thank colleagues for all their help and support over the past four challenging years, it is truly appreciated. I also look forward to continuing to work with colleagues over the next 12 months both inside the Mayoral Team and outside of it in the interests of the people of Salford as we continue in our fight against the coronavirus in these challenging and difficult times.

I would also especially like to thank Councillor Jane Hamilton for all her help and support in the Mayoral Team in her Executive Support role and I wish her well as she continues to support the work of the City Council and Mayoral Team as Mental Health Champion.

The full list of Cabinet Members:
Tracy Kelly – Statutory Deputy City Mayor. In the absence of the City Mayor, to fulfil the City Mayor’s responsibilities and Lead Member for Housing.
John Merry – Deputy City Mayor and Lead Member for Children’s and Young People’s Services.
Paula Boshell – Lead Member for Anti-Poverty, Neighbourhoods, Financial Inclusion & Equalities.
David Lancaster – Lead Member for Environment and Community Safety.
Derek Antrobus – Lead Member for Planning and Sustainable Development.
Bill Hinds – Lead Member for Finance and Support Services.
Gina Reynolds – Lead Member for Adult Services, Health and Wellbeing.

Executive Support Members:
John Walsh (Cadishead Councillor) – Executive Support Member for Education and Learning.
Mike McCusker – Executive Support Member for Planning, Housing and Sustainable Development.
Jim Cammell – Executive Support Member for Social Care and Mental Health (Continuing as Salford’s Walking & Cycling Champion).
Roger Jones (Irlam Councillor)- Executive Support Member for Transport.
Stephen Coen – Executive Support Member for Culture, Leisure and Sports.
Sharmina August – Executive Support Member for Equalities, Communities and Social Impact.
Barbara Bentham – Executive Support Member for Workforce and Industrial Relations.

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