Send a Letter To The Ones You Love

Former Cadishead Councillor and once ceremonial Mayor of Salford, Christine Hudson has come up with an ‘old school’ suggestion for people to keep in touch and show their loved ones they really care, during these difficult times.

Christine told the Local Mag, “Why do we not put pen to paper and write a good old fashioned letter to the ones you love and care about, be it family or friends? There is nothing better and uplifting then receiving a lovely handwritten letter in the post.

We seem to have lost the art of communication in this country, relying on social media, that is here today and forgotten tomorrow. A letter is a keepsake for the rest of your life. Something to take out on a ‘rainy day’ and remember the problems that we have all gone through together.

Especially for those in the ‘at risk’ category that have been advised to self-isolate for 12 weeks. I am sure that stamps and paper and envelopes could be put in with the shopping. It would uplift anyone receiving a letter in the post, also giving those in isolation a ‘focal point’ to think about.”

We think this is a fantastic idea Christine (pictured with four generations of her family). Why not give your loved ones a nice surprise in the post?

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  1. Our grandson wrote to us on the 23rd April and we still haven’t received it. The envelope was addressed to Grandma and Grandad with the correct address and postcode.

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