‘Silent Thief’ by Christopher Gordon

O sweet harbinger of spring,
You arrived so sweet
But a silent thief came to spoil your joy
Came in on silent wings
New life comes forth with scented kiss
To fill our hearts, with bliss
But like a thief in dead of night
You came to hurt – to steal – to enter and distress
O unseen virus, spores of pain you caress our sacred world
But love will conquer and survive
New shoots of love will flower, (and unfurl)
For us all – once again
Time will pass, the day will dawn
When carers, Doctors, Nurses, will be free,
To hold hands around the world
The silent thief – washed away
All this love, for you, for me
So as the summer comes to call
Flowers, and shrubs, scent our winding lane
Remember all those dedicated people
Who gave their all, to take away our pain…
Christopher Gordon, Cadishead

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