Slimming World launches virtual service to support members

The service will enable Slimming World’s members to continue to enjoy – in a virtual environment – the vital weight loss support, but also the friendship and community spirit, they find in their local group each week. 
The new service also means that the Irlam and Cadishead consultants Danielle, Margaret and new consultant Tracy can continue to offer a service, at a discounted fee, so that they can they continue to help support and motivate their members reach their weight loss dreams during lockdown. 

Danielle who runs groups in Cadishead said, “Our groups bring people together in the heart of their communities, to support and inspire one another every week. In these anxious times, the community spirit and the genuine care we provide has never been more important. Our members told us that they were genuinely distressed at losing their group and their weight loss lifeline, who are already missing the camaraderie each week, and who desperately want to hang on to the changes they have made towards a healthier, fitter lifestyle. So, we’ve done our very best to put a new ‘virtual group’ in place which gives our members the same practical help, caring support and friendship they’ve come to rely on.”

Tracy, is a brand-new consultant and has chosen to go into role early, she explains “Support is really the most important thing. It all starts with feeling that you’re not alone. I couldn’t have lost 3 stone in a year without the weekly help, encouragement and understanding of my own Consultant Margaret and her Cadishead group. As someone who has lost weight myself I know the challenges people can face, which is why, along with the group, I will be there to support every one of my members all the way to their chosen target weight even during these difficult and challenging times by setting targets, sharing recipes and other ideas, and working together as a group virtually until we are able to go back into group.”

She added, “Slimming World isn’t just about changing what you eat. Becoming more active is important too. Our Body Magic programme takes the threat out of activity by showing people, many of whom have unpleasant memories of being forced to take part in activity at school, how they can build activity into their daily routine without having to take up traditional forms of exercise like going to the gym or running. Everything counts from walking to gardening to washing the car. I love running and can now comfortably run 5km something which I never thought I would be able to do and lockdown is the perfect opportunity to try exercises I never had time to do. In my new role I’m so excited to help members leave lockdown feeling stronger, fitter, slimmer, sexier, healthier and happier than before.”

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