Slow Down and Stay Safe

Local residents have voiced their concern about the speed of some motorists on roads in the District.

Whenever it is because of the quieter road traffic, or motorists that have not been out for some-time during the lock-down and gradual easing of restrictions, but there is a real concern for the safety of pedestrians and other motorists.

Concerned residents have been in touch with their local councillors who have contacted the Police regarding the issue.

One said, “I’m shocked on a daily basis at the speed of passing cars, however even more so at the speed of the buses and heavy goods vehicles. It’s very clear they are exceeding the 30mph speed limit. The vehicles are travelling at such speed throughout the day and evening they are causing houses to shake from front to rear.”

Another added, “This situation is being caused by excessive speeds and a general lack of any speed management. There are little speed warning sensors or any deterrents etc. We walk often down the road and every time the conversations lead to ‘look at the speed of that car’, even though we’re right by a school or a playground or a park.”

Cllr Roger Jones said, “Local Councillors have already raised this with the police and traffic police officers (pictured) were checking speeds on Liverpool Road last week. Several motorists were caught speeding.”

The Police added, “Following concerns about speeding vehicles around the District, police officers with mobile speed guns, were out and about at a number of locations. Several drivers were stopped for excessive speed and reported. These initiatives that can also include the use of un-marked patrol cars will continue.”

If you are caught speeding the penalties that can be include are listed below. You, have been warned, SLOW DOWN and STAY SAFE!

Most prosecuted speeding offences will fall into the Band ‘A’ category, which in the majority of cases will lead to a Fixed Penalty Notice, known as a speeding ticket. Provided you accept responsibility, you will be fined a minimum of £100 and receive three points on your licence, unless the police offer you the option of attending a speed awareness course instead of prosecution.

If you plead not guilty, you will have to go to court. If you’re found guilty in court, the potential fine increases to £1,000 (£2,500 if you’re caught on the motorway) and you may also receive more penalty points, depending on the circumstances.

Drivers caught speeding excessively will be placed in bands B or C, depending on exactly how much over the speed limit they were. The fine for speeding if your offence is placed in these categories ranges from 75%-175% of your weekly income. Other punishments, including penalty points and disqualification, will also apply.

The most dangerous drivers are likely to receive driving bans that vary in length depending on the severity of the offence.

Speed Limit (mph)Recorded speed (mph)
Band C
Recorded speed (mph)
Band B
Recorded speed (mph)
Band A
2041 and above31-4121-30
3051 and above41-5031-40
4066 and above56-6541-55
5076 and above66-7551-65
6091 and above81-9061-80
70101 and above91-10071-90
Points/disqualificationDisqualify 7 to 56 days or 6 pointsDisqualify 7 to 28 days or 4 to 6 points3 points

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