Stay Safe This Bonfire Night

Salford City Council has urged people to ‘be sensible and safe’ in the run up to Bonfire Night this year after reports of young people throwing fireworks at each other.

The COVID-19 pandemic means organised firework displays across the country cannot go ahead this year to protect public health and avoid breaching regulations. The traditional bonfire and fireworks display, held annual that would usually light up the night sky at Princes Park in Irlam has for this year, had to be cancelled.

The popular event organised and funded by Salford City Council would have taken place at the Park on or around the 5th November as part of the traditional ‘Guy Fawkes Night’ celebrations.

A Salford City Council spokesperson said, “Due to the coronavirus pandemic we have taken an early decision to cancel the Irlam bonfire and fireworks display. We are very sorry about this as we know the community enjoy it but we must do all we can stop the spread of coronavirus and protect the most vulnerable in our communities.”

Please stay safe and follow all the safety advice and the fireworks code on the run up to and during the traditional Bonfire Night celebrations. If you are having your own fireworks please remember the social distancing advice and numbers restrictions that are in place. Be Sensible and Stay Safe.

Councillor David Lancaster, lead member for environment and community safety, said he was concerned people would turn to displays at home without treating fireworks with the respect they deserve.

He said, “Fireworks are not toys to play with. They are small explosives which can cause serious injuries if not handled correctly and people must never forget that.

People may have become used to going to organised displays and forgotten about the dangers of handling fireworks. I’d urge parents to speak to their children about safety as we don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

If you are planning your own firework display at home please remember these five safety tips:
1.         Read and follow the Firework Code to stay safe
2.         Only celebrate with your household in line with current COVID-19 regulations
3.         Be considerate of neighbours and animals who may not enjoy fireworks
4.         Remember it is illegal to let fireworks off between 11pm and 7am or to let them off or throw them in a public place
5.         Keep pets indoors and safe

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