Sunshine and Flowers In Bloom

With a bit of sunshine to bring out the flowers, parts of Irlam and Cadishead look fantastic at the moment with all the Rotary Club of Irlam planters and floral displays adding a bit of much needed colour to these ‘dark days’.

However, make the most of this floral splendour as like everyone else the Rotary Club of Irlam have had to ‘shelve’ looking after and maintaining the floral displays up and down the District until such times as it is okay to do so.

So, when out on your allowed walk, run or cycle, take a moment to admire and appreciate the work that the Rotary Club of Irlam have been doing for the past few years to brighten up our District.

Maybe, in the future when we get back to some kind of normality, you might want to lend a hand to the local Rotary Club and their ‘In Bloom’ project that really does make a difference to the community. Watch this space…

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