Supporting Service Users at Princes Park Garden Centre

Providing a hot meal for vulnerable in the community has proved a great success and the team at the Princes Park Garden Centre (PPGC) are following that up by providing stimulating activities for their users to do during the lock-down.

Alec McFadden chair of the PPGC said, “It was decided the priorities were; A daily nutritious cooked meal delivered direct to each home, so we have taken on a new Chef Adam Reisling who has planned a variety of special fresh food, balanced meals that include meat, vegetables and salads. A small squad of volunteer delivery drivers has now been assembled to carry out the direct home deliveries.

We will also be providing ‘Mindful Colouring Books’ and special coloured pens which will be given out next week to keep all our service users happy and busy. We have now delivered the meaningful colouring books. Out picture shows one of our service users Keven, who is a keen Manchester United supporter who is missing out at present on our walking football sessions that he loves to do. He was the first on our delivery run to receive his hot meal along with his colouring book and coloured pencils and was absolutely delighted.

We have now also received further grant for £4,000 from an Italian Education Foundation so now have funding for the scheme until the end of May.”

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