Tackling Climate Change on Our Doorstep

Climate change is on our doorstep and it will be up to the next generation to lead the way in fighting to protect our planet.

When we think of climate change, usually our thoughts go straight to the Amazon Rainforest or the melting ice caps of the Arctic. The challenge we face can often feel overwhelmingly large or too far away to have a real impact on, but climate change and the ecological crises are right here on our doorstep and the good news is, the solutions are right here too.

The Carbon Landscape Partnership’s free Youth Summit for young people living in Wigan, Warrington and Salford is an opportunity for budding climate leaders in the North West to learn about local climate change initiatives and the practical actions they can take as individuals in their region.

The Carbon Landscape is in a unique position to offer a valuable insight into tackling climate change head on. We have restored over 335 hectares (a hectare is the size of a football field) of important habitat including our rare peatland habitat across Greater Manchester which each year help to soak up more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Peatlands only cover 3% of the world’s surface but they store twice as much carbon as all of the forests in the world.

Their online Youth Summit, which is taking place on Wednesday 19th August from 1:30pm – 4:30pm, includes interactive workshops with some of the key players in the Carbon Landscape Partnership and inspirational talks by young leaders; Josh Styles, Project Coordinator of the North-West Rare Plants Initiative and Emma Greenwood, Youth MP for Bury. There’s also lots of free goodies you can get your hands on as well including cinema tickets, wildlife guides, bird seed, tote bags and wildlife magazines.

Daveen Wallis, Director of Nature and Wellbeing at the Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside said: “We really wanted to create a positive, accessible experience for young people living in our region to inspire them about their local landscape, the solutions it offers to tackle climate change and the ways young people can get involved and help.”

If you are aged 16 – 25, living in Salford and passionate about saving the planet, or know somebody who is, make sure to secure your spot on our free Youth Summit event by visiting www.skiddle.com and searching for ‘Carbon Landscape Youth Summit’.

The Carbon Landscape Partnership, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, brings together 14 influential environmental organisations in the North West to restore nature to areas transformed by industries like coal-mining and peat extraction. While work has already been going on for decades to create green spaces in these ex industrial areas, the Carbon Landscape aims to connect these areas, creating habitat improvements and wildlife corridors, and getting people to rediscover and engage with these amazing places which are right on their doorstep. To become a member of the Trust, go to the website at www.lancswt.org.uk or call 01772 324129.

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