Toilet Roll Challenge

You might have heard of a ‘Message in a bottle’, but how about a message on a ‘bog roll’! Local school children have been not only keeping busy with their school work but also learning new skills and having a bit of fun and we could all do with a bit of that at the moment.

Elliot told the Local Mag website, “Our mum Gina works at a local primary school and asked us to film her doing the toilet roll challenge for a school video.

We were trying to think of something that would be fun so we dared her to do hers on the trampoline. Many years ago, mum did a lot of trampolining so we secretly think she enjoyed this dare, surprisingly she even did some ‘seat-drops’.”

Each member of staff at Fiddlers Lane Primary School in Irlam ‘caught’ the toilet roll, wrote a message for the school children and passed it on to another person. One of her colleagues edited the video and it looks brilliant. The video has been shared on the school Facebook page and has been watched over 6,000 times. Some of the messages on the toilet roll pictured here.

Elliot added, “Mum also asked me to share it on my you tube channel. Please have a watch and give the video a like if it made you smile. Thank you from Elliot & Alistair Harris-Wilson.”

Elliott and Alistair helped to write these words as part of an English and IT Project whilst being schooled at home by mum Gina.

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