Volunteers Answer the Call to Clear up the Moss

Around twenty fantastic volunteers answered the call and spent a ‘freezing’ Saturday clearing up literally tonnes of rubbish, callously dumped on the Moss at Irlam.

Volunteers wrapped up warm and braved the sub-zero temperatures to clear up part of the Moss along 12 Yards Road and Cutnook Lane and the surrounding area on our doorstep. That has become an outdoor lifeline for many during the last year of lock-downs with families, walkers, runners and cyclists making the most of the spectacular ‘oasis’ that we should all respect and care for.

Alan Whitehead, his wife Lorna and their family from the Moss Farm Fisheries are passionate about the Moss and have spent countless hours continuously clearing up rubbish dumped by fly-tippers that really should know better.

Alan said “We put out a call for volunteers to help with the Saturday clean-up and were delighted to see so many caring individuals that came along and collected hundreds of bags of household rubbish, litter, building materials and just about anything else you could imagine, that has been recklessly dumped on our beautiful Moss. I would personally like to thank everyone that helped out, you are all community stars.”

George Johnson from Irlam who joined in the clear up said, “Those that dump on the Moss are disgusting, they are just lazy people there really is no need for it.”

Debbie and Gemma from Irlam and Cadishead added, “It is great to see the community coming together and investing their time in this fantastic area. People should not be using our beautiful countryside as a tip.”

16 year old Reece Sims from Irlam also joined the clean-up, he will be joining the army later this month and said, “It is not right that people choose to dump rubbish on the Moss. It is an asset to our community and should be respected and enjoyed.”

Cadishead lads Sean McGloin and Ryan Oldfield from Cablesmith Electrical Cables said, “There is a ‘state of the art’ recycling centre at Crossfield just around the corner from here. Surely it would be much quicker and easier to use the recycling centre than to dump rubbish on the Moss, it really is baffling what some people will do.”

Local Councillor Lewis Nelson who also volunteered to take part in the Moss clean up added, “Amongst items cleaned up were a toy dolls house, a fireplace, kid’s car seat, tyres, wheel trims and wheels, household rubbish, building and decorating materials and even a potentially lethal gas bottle. Also unearthed was a crisp packet dating back to 1993 and even an early glass marble bottle probably around 80 years old.

Councillor Lewis Nelson added, “It makes me really proud to see so many local people pulling together to make the Moss look as beautiful as it should. Literally tonnes of rubbish and fly-tipping has been shifted today, and it’s brilliant to be part of it. I even found a couple of Victorian bottles as well as a crisp bag dated 1993! We’re making sure that our litter isn’t there for our children and grandchildren to have to clean up, that makes me very proud.”

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