Willow Puts Her Cards on the Table to Support Keyworkers

A five-year old local girl has been showing her support for all our key workers and NHS Staff be using some of her lock-down time to make thank you cards for some our finest in the community.

Young Willow has been making the cards at home, mum Kelly said, “She did cards for some local shops including Tesco who gave her an Easter egg, Nisa (the old Co-Op), Firemen, Police and our PCSO’s, bin men, posties and the bus drivers for taking mummy to work safely at the hospital.”

The police and PCSOs put it on their social media to thank her. She worked real hard trying not to forget anyone. Willow celebrated her fifth birthday in May and they could not really celebrate because of the lock-down. Belated happy birthday to a fantastic young lady, well done and keep up all your good work that is much appreciated by our tremendous key workers.

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